It’s Halloween, and no, I’m not going Fancy Dress!

That title makes me sound like a right grumpy pants, when in fact I feel I am embracing Halloween a lot more this year than previously.


  1. I bought sweets in case we get any trick or treaters, usually we just don’t answer the door and turn out all the lights.
  2. I’m actually going out on Halloween especially. Oh hang on that now makes number 1 defunct, as who will give out the sweets, as I am sure my husband won’t even answer the door!
  3. I baked halloween cakes

Ok so the above 3 evidences all happened by accident as follows:

  1. I was in Sainsburys saw the bucket of sweets and thought ‘oh I love swizzle lollies’. I have tested a couple to make sure the kids don’t get poisoned!
  2. I had no idea what the date was when I was invited, and when I did realise I pretty quickly made it clear that I would not go fancy dress…sorry Anna!
  3. I accidentally mentioned cake in the organising of the above rendez-vous, so guilted myself into making some Carrot Cake cupcakes (i got over my fear of all that oil!), as didn’t want to disappoint…you can forgive me the above point now Anna!

Despite this self confessed accidental falling into the spirit of Halloween, I do actually love the concept, and the idea of making a big ol’ fuss about it. I love it a lot more than Fireworks night where I have to stand in a cold field all night. Don’t worry Joy, I will enjoy it really! 😉

I think the Americans have the right idea and love that they really go to town. With a bit more planning I think I may join them next year, and carve a pumpkin! It’s just a bummer that it falls on a weekday, as it doesn’t feel right celebrating it on any other day than the 31st.

Because I can’t have a post that doesn’t connect to my 3 themes here is a link to the recipe I used for the cupcakes.

I must admit that I didn’t make the cream cheese icing as I had run out of icing sugar, and that is in fact ‘squirty’ frosting! Who knew you could by that in a can???

Hopefully the guys enjoy them tonight!


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