10K Practice Rain Run

So my running is progressing well, actually a bit too well as in the heady excitement of going faster I only went and signed up for the Leeds 10k Abbey Dash.

It all started a couple of Parkruns ago, when I found I kept getting faster over 5k. My progress has been as follows:

6th Oct = 27.31

13th Oct = 27.19

27th Oct = 27.01 (I would like to point out that this particular run was done all by myself on a cold morning without the nagging of Phill to go do some exercise…I am particularly proud of this one, as I was sick most of the week. GO ME!!)

3rd Nov = 26.37

Almost a minute quicker in a month, so logically I thought I could crack a 10K easily. One problem, I don’t think I’ve ever ran that far, continuously! I run home at least once a week which is 4 miles, and I did get lost a couple of times which pushed it to 5 miles, but could I run over 6 miles….hmm sounds far!

So yesterday Phill and I decided to do a long distance run. Please note, Phill wasn’t going with me, as I am far too slow for him, we just started out at the same spot for encouragement.

Now I am surprised that I actually went yesterday for several reasons.

  1. I was on my own
  2. it was cold
  3. it was bloody chucking it down, I mean torrential!

There I am at 9.30am on a SUNDAY! Soaked through just getting to the meeting point to see if I would have any slow running partners, funnily enough no one turned up. I decided not to be beaten and left Phill, and his two FAST running companions, and headed off.

Phill had already given me some get out excuses for not doing a full 10K, ‘it was rainy’, ‘if you can do 5 Miles you’ll do 6, no bother’ etc, but I was relatively determined, as well as cold, wet, tired etc, so I headed out on my original planned route of 6.5 miles. Unsurprisingly I did get a little lost along the way.

Have I ever mentioned that Dulwich has a lot of hills for London? It was quite tough, more on the legs than my general fitness. As I jogged over to Herne Hill, getting soggy feet from puddles, and trying not to slip on the leaves, I encountered my 1st hill. My pace app was telling me to speed up, I gave it some choice words back. When I got to Brockwell Park, I was only 2 miles in and I was doing 10 minute miles, so that was 4 of my 6 miles sorted (I had to get back!). Luckily the rain eased and I got into a good pace rhythm, I even did an extended route back home to ensure I did 6 miles.

I managed just under 10k in 1hr & 3 mins, which I thought was quite respectable for my first go, and given the crappy conditions. I have set myself the target of 56 mins for the Abbey Dash, as apparently it is a flat course, so I could be on for getting my target.

At least if it rains I’ll be ready for it!