Eccles, Eccels, whatever! Band of Bakers March event

Hadn’t been to a Band of Bakers event since before Christmas, due to several reasons.
Travelling with work, losing my baking Mojo, but increasingly it is now quite difficult to get a place at an event.

This is testament to how great this event is and has become extremely popular, and to get one of their limited spaces you have to be fast off the draw in replying to the announcement emails.

I think it’s fantastic Gemma & Naomi have done such a brilliant job at organising the gatherings, and all the lovely community projects that are in addition to the cosy, friendly 6 weekly meets. And all on top of having regular jobs and families to look after – very inspiring.
Apparently the events are so popular that you can guarantee that over 2 thirds of the mailing list will need to reply faster to the next email, or sit in hope of a drop out and have a themed bake ready at short notice.

Does this put me and the hundred or so others off? Hell no!
If you could get to every event it wouldn’t be half the fun, plus our bank balance probably couldn’t cope.

As the band steadily grows I can see the glint in Naomi & Gemma’s eyes that they could be onto something big, but also the nervousness of how to keep the momentum and interest going. I don’t thing there’s any worry of that happening with so many bakers ready to help and be involved – 2013 is going to be epic for them and us.

Ok, enough blabbing about how great they are, onto the baking.

This event was British Classics, I contemplated Jaffa Cakes, Quiche (ok not quite British, how about flan?), but settled for Eccles cakes.
My trusty friend bbc food was on hand with a selection of recipes, I of course went for the easiest!
BBC Food – Eccles Cakes
Very easy, but again I took the whole prep and bake timings to their word and found myself rushing to assemble them 40mins before the event, knowing I had a 20min trudge over Peckham Rye.
They were tricky little buggers to assemble and very small, but ideal size for a BoB event when you have 35 other bakes to try.
Due to my timing misjudgement they were still warm and sticky (didn’t seal them very well) when I popped them in the tin, and decided that kitchen roll would be a good base to put them on – WRONG! I spent 5 mins trying to get tissue off the bases, so apologies to those who got a little more carb than they bargained for last night 🙂

They actually tasted great, shame I didn’t have auto correct when writing my description card as mine will forever be known as Eccels cakes – ops!

I bought home the other two Eccles cakes that were baked by people to compare, no doubt better than mine, but we are all our own biggest critics, so nothing new there.




One thought on “Eccles, Eccels, whatever! Band of Bakers March event

  1. The Eccles cakes were a triumph. Thanks for coming, it was lovely to see you, as always! x

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