Countdown to the Bupa Great Manchester Run – 5 days to go

This is a quick pre-race blog post!


Bupa Great Manchester Run

I strangely won a place in the Bupa Great Manchester 10K Run, which takes place this Sunday – I say strange because I don’t actually remember entering! 

This is the biggest race I have entered.

Big as in the amount of runners, not distance. I was staggered to see that it has over 40,000 runners, and that the start is in several waves.

Secretly I am a little disappointed that it is a wave start, as it would have been epic to race against that many people!

I somehow also managed to get into the white wave, where it quite clearly states that this is not for slow people. Ok, they worded this a little more eloquently than me.

I figure that I gave them my target finishing time, so they would have put me in the right wave – right?!?

I am also very impressed with the race pack and information that they supplied. It includes some really helpful tips on the build up to race day, fab maps and schedule information about when and where each wave starts and where to meet with family later. Even this is specified by your wave colour!


Fantastically detailed map of the route


Detailed info, including how to tie your chip to your shoe!


Great info on where to meet people after

I have the full Beecroft family out supporting me, as my other half is from Manchester, so it’s a great excuse to head up North to visit the family. Hopefully they’ll be able to spot me amongst the other 39,999 runners! I also have a friend running, but he’s in the Orange wave (fastest!) so I doubt we’ll find each other due to the wave segregation 😉

I am very excited, as I always get caught up in the atmosphere of a well organised race, plus I’m super competitive for someone who’s not actually very good 😉 The way it has been organised feels like it will be a fab morning of running. Plus I might be on TV – must remember to set the Sky + 

I have only done three 10km races before, so I am by no means an expert at this distance, and my pacing is pretty shocking! Hoping to get a PB, but we’ll see on the day – Fingers Crossed (and a few toes for extra luck!)



2 thoughts on “Countdown to the Bupa Great Manchester Run – 5 days to go

  1. I will also be at that race so wanted to wish you good luck! Hopefully we will have some unseasonably good weather (yeah right!). I’m looking forward to the City Games races the day before, will you be watching?

    Maybe see you there mate hope you have a good run!

    • Thank you! Good luck to you too! I’m not hopeful on the weather as every time I go to Manchester it rains!
      We’re also visiting family so doubt I’ll get into town tor the Games.
      Have fun and enjoy the race!

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