Big Sur – Still Excited

Ok, so it’s only been two days since I registered but I really do not think the excitement will wear off!

Will I get one?

Will I get one?

Last night was running club, so I joined the 6 mile, 9 1/2 minute milers group.

Boy was it hot! My feet felt like lead, but despite this it was a very pleasant run through Dulwich Woods, over to Crystal Palace Park and back. There were a few hills, which surprisingly were a good addition, as I always tend to avoid the hills. Fair enough they weren’t Big Sur 500′ hills but still!

We ended up running 10 minute miles on average, but that didn’t matter as we all felt like we had a good work out.

There’s a 10K summer league race for the club this Sunday @ Regents Park, let’s see how I do.

This is just the beginning of my journey and training to Big Sur, did I mention I was quite excited?


5 thoughts on “Big Sur – Still Excited

  1. I was able to get in as well. I spent last night booking hotels. They are filling up quickly so don’t delay. All the best in your travels and training.

    • Thank you! You too! Will get them booked soon. As we are travelling over from the UK, just trying to work out the timings for our entire trip. It would be a waste to come all that way and not cram loads in ūüėČ

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