Surrey Spitfire 20 Review

As part of my Big Sur marathon training I took part in Events to Live’s Surrey Spitfire 20 race.
This was a 2 lap race starting at the Top Gear track at Dunsfold Aerodrome.

This was also only my second time running this distance, having attempted it the first time at the Thames Riverside 20 (race or pace), only two weeks earlier.

The day started with an early rise for a Sunday, and the 1hr 30min drive from Woolwich to Cranleigh.
Instructions supplied advised that our sat nav would bring us the wrong way and they weren’t wrong ;p . Luckily the man at the gate kindly let us in, and we had a cheeky blast of the M3 on a deserted bit of runway, unfortunately I was driving so hubby was disappointed!

Very well organised for parking and collecting our race numbers. No bag drop to be found though so we had to head back to the car to get ready – not a big deal.

The smell of bacon rolls from the Girl Guides had my stomach rumbling before the start, and I then started to panic that the one slice of toast would not be sufficient!

The weather was glorious as we set off and warmed up considerable as the race progressed.

My original plan was to try and run at a slower pace (10.30 min miles) having completed the TR20 bang on 10’s, and feeling rather pleased with myself, but struggling massively with the last three miles. I also wanted to plan in better race nutrition, and test how I would feel going slower and whether another 6.2 miles was doable.

Hubby’s advice was just to push myself to maintain the same pace, but I was worried about how I would eventually do a whole 26.2 miles.
Typically I went for it as I got caught up in the atmosphere, and I saw my first mile at 8.59!
I am so rubbish at pacing it’s untrue!
For the first half of the race I fluctuated between 9’s and 9.45’s – great! ;p I’m obviously not getting any better at pacing the more running I do.
But there were 4 pretty tough hills in the first lap, that I wasn’t looking forward to seeing the second time round, so a slight fluctuation can be forgiven.
I ran with a friendly chap who was race director for the Clair Park Parkrun, and his banter helped me maintain a steady pace for around 4 miles. Also waved on a couple of my DPR comrades as they steamed ahead in their VMLM training mode.

For the first lap I managed to run up all the hills. Given that the Big Sur has one hill that is 500ft this was good practice.

I was feeling good after 10 miles despite the speed and heat. Cracked open a gel and pushed on for the 2nd half. This was a much lonelier affair as the field spread out even more and I found no new running chums to chat with. I was dreading the 17 mile mark, as this was where I struggled on from at the TR20. So at mile 16 I took on another gel to see if that would help me through.
My pace started moving into the 10’s for a few of the miles in the second half, but with my deficit miles from the first half there was a possibility of going faster than the TR20, but I tried not to think about it.
The second to last hill I decided to walk a little, but when it came to the last hill at mile 18 I pushed on.
I was feeling the heaviness in my legs and my back was starting the ache, but I was feeling better than last time so this was a good sign.

As I reentered the aerodrome for the last quarter mile I sped up (but only a little!). Spotted my lap 1 chum as he clapped me in. Then I spotted hubby who had a surprised look as he cheered me in.

No wonder…I managed to finish in 3hrs 17min. Over 2 mins quicker than TR20. And I said I would go slower!

I felt a lot better than I did last time, so I’m feeling quietly confident about the 27th April D-day. Hubby is still in shock at how well I did. I’m still a little worried about the extra 6.2 miles

Only 5 weeks to go and one half marathon planned before the big day. Not sure if I should push for a longer than 20 mile run just to see….
Decisions, decisions!


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