Since I started this blog 3 years ago many things have changed. Luckily the two main elements of the blog have remained – cakes & running, despite my laziness trying to hamper both of these. Ok it’s not all down to laziness, I have been busy too, as I alluded to in my last post.

The biggest change is no longer living in London, so a little blog rename is probably in order. Running, cakes and Yorkshire doesn’t quite have the same ring to it so I may incorporate Puppies into the title instead.

Anyone who knows me will know this is a popular topic of conversation, mainly about pooping and general dog naughtiness.

Bob is the latest addition to the Beecroft household. He’s about 6 months old and a Springer Husky cross!

Most of all he’s super cute. Very chilled out compared to Elfie the GSP.

Currently we are going through ‘poomaggedon’ (I may copyright this!), where he poos in his cage and ends up covered in it. This is mainly down to a bad case of diarrhoea so hopefully isn’t a habit, as it’s pretty gross and not a nice 5am wake up call.

Elfie ‘loves’ him, she has someone who always wants to play, and who she can lord over – for now. He gives as good as he gets, and is quite vocal.

When we picked Bob I was hoping for a nice small manageable hound, but it turns out he’s going to be massive – 35kg probably! Hopefully his chilled temperament will mean he’s easier to handle than Elfie.

Running up hill is hard!

My lack of updates on this blog are down to several things:

  • We got another puppy – Bob, he’s cute, and takes up a lot of time
  • We moved house – Again!
  • I’m working way too hard
  • Winter up north is wet, so limits activities
  • I haven’t found a baking club in the North!
  • My running successes have slowed, along with my speed due to the massive bleeding hill round here

Luckily my inner competitive streak keeps me going with the latter, but even my runs and training are very sporadic.

Even when I was running on the lovely flat roads of London I was never going to be fast enough to win anything, but now my new goal is to not coming last.

Fell running is a nasty beast. No two runs are the same – even the same route. The weather and terrain can drastically change the conditions and run ability of a course. And of course those pesky hills. I’m lucky if I can run around a whole fell race, usually resorting to a trudge up the hill, and a cautious canter down steep, slippery hills. I miss racing on nice flat tarmac.

Having said that, there is a perverse thrill of running through a muddy bog, hoping your shoes follow you. Or the feeling of your lungs wanting to jump out of your throat as you attempt to fast walk up a hill, just to overtake a 70 year old, who will likely beast you on the decent.

As I am unlikely to ever run a fell race at a nice average speed of 9 minute miles my goal is to not come last. So far I can claim this victory, even if I am amongst the amazingly fit 60 and 70 year olds, and I did drop out of a particularly long and nasty fell race because I knew I would come last if I carried on.

This was Heptonstall fell race and I was pleased to tackle this again this year and actually finish it, and not come last. It was 15 miles with almost 3000ft of climbing so quite an achievement, even without my own silly goals.

I’ve joined a lovely local fell running club, Calder Valley Fell Runners, and there is a nice mix of abilities that you can always find someone to run with and encourage you. Unfortunately I don’t get down enough to train due to work and puppies, so this probably hampers my progress.

As a nice treat I have decided to enter the Leeds Half Marathon on the 8th May, and I can’t wait to run some nice tarmac miles, with very little hills.