Leeds Abbey Dash – 10K owned!

The 18th November saw me compete in the Leeds 10K Abbey Dash. My 1st ever 10k competitive distance!

As you may have seen from my previous post, I practiced this distance just ONCE! I am so committed! I had set myself a target time of around 56 minutes based on my 5K times, and my ONE practice 10K!

I will admit that I got quite jittery, particularly the night before, as I was trying to calculate the pace time needed and the maths wouldn’t work, it seemed a lot faster than I originally thought! I kept denying that I was nervous only to need to wee about 5 times in one morning!

We got to the start with plenty of time for a good warm up…me stretching a little bit, Mr B running up and down, getting in the zone etc…whatever!

Out of the 9000+ people running I managed to locate my mate Danny, as seasoned runner, and we hung out as they tried to filter us through to the start. He had lovely intentions to run with me for a bit, but the excitement got to him, and he decided he would go for it. Especially after I told him Mr B was in the sub 45 section (we were in the sub 60 section!).

The 1st half of the run was great, and I was overtaking loads of people. I was nicely distracted when I started to see the Elite & faster runners coming the other way, and I began to look out for Mr B. I thought I would see him pretty easily but didn’t. but trying to spot him made the 1st 5K go really easily, as I was distracted pretty much for 2K.

At the half way point I decided to pick up a energy gel, YUCK, it was like someone had melted a handful of Haribo, nasty ones! Too sweet even for me!

Going back into town was harder, but it wasn’t until the last 1K that it was starting to hurt. I managed to spot the parents in law as I was getting to the finish, and my face was possibly a right picture, as I remember trying to smile, and that nearly made me cry.

I tried a little spurt at the end, but I was spent. Crossed the line in over 56mins I knew from my Map my run app, but wanted to wait until my official time came through, as this was my 1st race with a chip.

The finish was bottle necked quite a bit, and it took around 15mins to grab water & t-shirt. As I made my way over to find Mr B (who finished sub 43mins!) my time came through and I managed to do it in 56.43, which I was extremely happy about.

As a reward we went to Malmaison for a 3 course sunday lunch – well deserved I say!


10K Practice Rain Run

So my running is progressing well, actually a bit too well as in the heady excitement of going faster I only went and signed up for the Leeds 10k Abbey Dash.

It all started a couple of Parkruns ago, when I found I kept getting faster over 5k. My progress has been as follows:

6th Oct = 27.31

13th Oct = 27.19

27th Oct = 27.01 (I would like to point out that this particular run was done all by myself on a cold morning without the nagging of Phill to go do some exercise…I am particularly proud of this one, as I was sick most of the week. GO ME!!)

3rd Nov = 26.37

Almost a minute quicker in a month, so logically I thought I could crack a 10K easily. One problem, I don’t think I’ve ever ran that far, continuously! I run home at least once a week which is 4 miles, and I did get lost a couple of times which pushed it to 5 miles, but could I run over 6 miles….hmm sounds far!

So yesterday Phill and I decided to do a long distance run. Please note, Phill wasn’t going with me, as I am far too slow for him, we just started out at the same spot for encouragement.

Now I am surprised that I actually went yesterday for several reasons.

  1. I was on my own
  2. it was cold
  3. it was bloody chucking it down, I mean torrential!

There I am at 9.30am on a SUNDAY! Soaked through just getting to the meeting point to see if I would have any slow running partners, funnily enough no one turned up. I decided not to be beaten and left Phill, and his two FAST running companions, and headed off.

Phill had already given me some get out excuses for not doing a full 10K, ‘it was rainy’, ‘if you can do 5 Miles you’ll do 6, no bother’ etc, but I was relatively determined, as well as cold, wet, tired etc, so I headed out on my original planned route of 6.5 miles. Unsurprisingly I did get a little lost along the way.

Have I ever mentioned that Dulwich has a lot of hills for London? It was quite tough, more on the legs than my general fitness. As I jogged over to Herne Hill, getting soggy feet from puddles, and trying not to slip on the leaves, I encountered my 1st hill. My pace app was telling me to speed up, I gave it some choice words back. When I got to Brockwell Park, I was only 2 miles in and I was doing 10 minute miles, so that was 4 of my 6 miles sorted (I had to get back!). Luckily the rain eased and I got into a good pace rhythm, I even did an extended route back home to ensure I did 6 miles.

I managed just under 10k in 1hr & 3 mins, which I thought was quite respectable for my first go, and given the crappy conditions. I have set myself the target of 56 mins for the Abbey Dash, as apparently it is a flat course, so I could be on for getting my target.

At least if it rains I’ll be ready for it!