Band of Bakers Christmas Party 2014 – Preperation

Tomorrow will be my 1st Band of Bakers Christmas Party, as last year I was too ill to attend, despite having baked all my canapes in preperation!

This year I will not get struck down by the lurgy, and so I have set myself the daunting task of doing fancy icing!

I’m going to create some Christmas themed biscuits, with some royal & fondant icing.

I have never made, or piped, icing before – wish me luck!

I made the biscuits this morning, and they came out well (Yay!), a nice simple vanilla plain biscuit. Tonight could be stressful as I attempt to have a steady hand and finish them off!

Let’s see how close I can get to this…

Will my Christmas Biscuits look this good?

Will my Christmas Biscuits look this good? (From Biscuiterie)