Guy’s American Bar & Grill

Being a solo diner I was looking for somewhere casual, welcoming and most importantly American. So I found Guy’s American Bar & Grill, located just off Times Square on 44th street.


I perched my solo self at the bar and checked out the menu. Once they saw me over the bar taps to actually give me a menu 😉

It has a nice focused menu with a leaning towards chicken, with a good choice of wings. I decided to go with the BBQ Buffalo Meatloaf.
Guy’s recipe for meatloaf made with lean ground buffalo, BBQ glaze, crispy sweet onion straws, ranch dressing, bacon bits + roasted garlic mash.
At $22.50 it wasn’t cheap but this was a restaurant off Times Square and you know what? It was bloody tasty!


I ordered a Coors Light to wash it down with. I even got asked for ID! I wanted to tell him I’d turned 35 just 3 days ago but could tell by the frown on his face that he worked that out himself.

I’d come back. It was good grub and a nice chilled atmosphere. Guy did good!

Times Square

As much as the place has it’s tacky side, such as the Naked Cowboy, and the various poorly costumed characters, Times Square embodies the American Spirit.
With its neon lighted Star-Spangled Banner, the AT&T pop up for the public to send messages of encouragement to Team US at Sochi, to the US forces recruitment centre slap bang in the middle.

Love it!



A New York Trip

Work have sent me to New York for the NY Toy fair – Yay! This is a short series of blogs based on my trip.
As old age creeps up on me my memory fails so this will be a nice way to document my solo 4 days in NYC.

Woke up stupid early so currently sat in a Starbucks on 5th avenue taking full advantage of their free wifi.

On my way here I passed the New York Public library.
It sticks out as it’s a low building amongst the sky scrapers, and also because I recognised it from the Jake Gyllenhall movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, which with all the snow and ice around almost looks like it’s still set up for the movie.
And I am a firm believer that shit could really happen!